Post Mastectomy

Welcome to the Post Mastectomy Suite at Riverside O&P. We're here to help you achieve symmetry, balance and harmony in your life, by offering products that enhance your look and your outlook.

We offer a wide variety of external breast forms and post-mastectomy bras in varying shapes and sizes to accommodate all body types, breast shapes and surgeries. And although you know that your true beauty lies within, you want your feminine shape back … and we can help.

You've gone through a change. Now you're ready to make one. Step into the comfort and privacy of our fitting room. Allow one of our trained specialists to show you our complete line of post-mastectomy products, apparel and accessories. She will be happy to measure and fit you during your private consultation. Our silicone breast forms simulate the look, feel and movement of natural breasts.

Call us for a free evaluation to help you discover your specific needs.

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